Informal conversations sharing stories of amazing people who have ‘made it’. Getting the full picture of the journey and the human story behind it, each episode shares a story, advice, inspiration and ideas on how to follow your own dreams and make them real. Drops on Monday, a great way to start your week.


Ideas, experiments and explorations to help you understand your own relationship with life and work. A different perspective and practical guide to taking control, rethinking your work, realigning your life and waking up every day knowing that you’re doing exactly what you choose to do, not what you’re trapped in. 


LifeWork is created by Andy Swann, author of The Human Workplace, internationally-renowned speaker on the relationship between people, organizations and work, Founder of My Amazing Team, media contributor and believer in a Simple Better Human future. It’s a journey he followed and a story he shares.

Why LifeWork?

How many of us can say we wake up every single morning and do exactly what we want to do? Very few.

Only 13% of the global workforce, to be exact. Which means that 87% of us are disengaged with our work. For the 87-percenters, each new day is an old ritual of sacrificing non-renewable hours of our painfully finite lives to earn a living, a monotonous cycle of turning ourselves on and off autopilot as dictated by an obsolete, and quite frankly failing, system of work.

Trapped by the practicalities of responsibility and the pressures of providing, suffocated by the uber-connectivity of modern technology and the jealousy of watching others zoom past in the fast lane (thanks Facebook!), while trying to retain an identity the world seems to demand we sacrifice in return for a wage, we are resigned to a life of compromise. What’s worse is that niggling feeling of dissatisfaction, idleness, that ever-present what if itch. It’s almost impossible to see anything other than the daily grind. Even if we like what we do, we still talk and read ad nauseum, of balancing work and life as if they are two separate entities.

That’s the crux of the problem…

Despite the plethora of work-life balance and self-help books out there, the stats around work’s corrosive effect on humans remain astounding: One in three UK workers struggle to cope due to work-related stress, depression or burnout. Over 25% of US workers rate their stress levels at 4 out of a possible 5, with over 60% feeling stressed 3 or more days per week. In the UK during 2015/16, The Health and Safety Executive reports that there were 488,000 cases of work-related stress, anxiety and depression; 11.7 million work days were lost to these conditions and main factors were cited as workload pressures, deadlines, too much responsibility and not enough support. Although less direct studies have been undertaken in the US, the estimated annual economic health care costs of workplace stress amount to $190 Billion.

The majority of us are trapped in a situation that makes both work and life miserable. But it’s not an obvious or deprived minority; it can be any worker, even those in well-paid or high profile careers. In fact, from the outside it’s probably those who look like they’re doing fantastically well for themselves who are more likely to be trapped.

For all our sakes, it’s time to break that cycle. Stop thinking about work-life balance and create a single experience, an adventure through life that we take as much control of as we’re comfortable doing. Our relationship with life and work is broken – let’s fix it!

Welcome to LifeWork.