High Achiever

Episode 06: Jon Enoch

As an award-winning Celebrity Photographer, Jon Enoch has captured some of the most recognizable images of Politicians, Actors, Sportspeople and Musicians of our times. He has achieved all this without formal qualification in a changing industry and is only just getting started! Through personal passion for what he does and drive to move things forward, Jon’s LifeWork story begins with winning an in-store competition and comes up to date with focus, resilience and relentless ambition to constantly shake things up. Inspiration for anyone looking to choose your own path!

Episode 05: Bruce Daisley

In addition to a day job as Twitter’s European Supremo, Bruce Daisley has somehow found time to become a bestselling author (The Joy of Work) and number one podcast host (Eat Sleep Work Repeat). As he shares his LifeWork journey, it becomes clear that determination, personal conviction, a drive to explore and a big dash of rock and roll spirit play a big part in his success. Share Bruce’s story from bar work to one of the most famous companies on the planet and be inspired to choose your own path!

Episode 04: Melissa Proctor

As Chief Marketing Officer of The Atlanta Hawks NBA Basketball Team and The State Farm Arena, Melissa Proctor has what anyone would define as a dream job. From her childhood ambition of becoming the first female NBA Coach, to realizing her dreams in completely unexpected ways, Melissa has truly lived every step of her LifeWork journey. Her story is one of relentless determination, focus and open-minded adventure, being true to herself every step of the way and enjoying every minute of it. It’s also one which should be shared, so that everyone can be inspired to choose their own path and create their own LifeWork.

Episode 02: Andrew Crawford

For most people, one dream job would be enough. As a former Pro-Snowboarder, who has also worked at NASA and now finds himself creating self-driving cars at Waymo, Andrew has quite a story to tell! Contrary to what you may think, this is a tale of curiosity, enthusiasm, relentless drive and a determination to follow a dream, whatever form it takes and wherever it goes. It’s about resilience, focus against the odds (and what other people may say), but most importantly, it’s told by the nicest, most down to earth man you’ll meet.